Exploring the Pros and Cons of Different Payment Methods in Online Casinos

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Online casinos rely on two essential features: games and payment methods. While the first-mentioned determines your favorite pastime’s quality, the latter affects functionality and reliability. Casinos went a path less traveled. They started by offering a handful of financial options and emerged as full-scale bankroll operators. Depending on the ways players deposit and withdraw money, a gambling platform receives its marks and moves up or down the leaderboard. Hence, there are Paysafecard casinos, Skrill or Neosurf platforms. Different casino banking options have their benefits and drawbacks, which we explore in this article.


Simple to use, Paysafecard is one of the most popular online casino payment methods. The reasons are its security and widespread points of sale network. Buying a prepaid voucher is as easy as financing a prepaid mobile number. This card has a nominal value of $10 to $100. According to Paysafecard casinos research conducted by AussieBestCasinos experts, players can use it immediately after purchasing and registering on the website. It’s similar to Neosurf but with its specificities.

To deposit at a Paysafe casino online, you only need to enter a 16-digit PIN code. Transactions are instant, completely anonymous, and without excessive fees. These features make this payment a widely used one among gamblers. Many Paysafecard casinos also offer tailored bonuses, so it’s worth trying.

But, withdrawing money via a standard Paysafe prepaid card is impossible. Most online casinos tell Paysafe depositors players to choose another withdrawal option. Still, opening a myPaysafecard account stands as a viable choice. Getting a Paysafecard MasterCard is your other option allowing untamed money management.


The Skrill online e-wallet allows you to deposit and withdraw money in online casinos in any currency worldwide. The mere fact that the casino cooperates with Skrill benefits players. First, you will get a safe, reliable gaming interface and a safe cash register. Then, you won’t have to think about possible problems with questionable payment mechanisms.

The Skrill payment method grants the shortest possible deposit processing time. Fast casino transactions are pivotal for receiving bonuses or time-limited offers. So, expect payments in a short period and start managing your winnings soon afterward clearing the pot.

Certain disadvantages may affect your decision to become a user. First, on rare occasions, some online casinos do not accept Skrill. Besides, some users may need more flexibility, as it is impossible to change a predefined currency. An unavoidable transaction fee is a final drawback.

Instant Bank Transfer

Using the Inline Bank Transfer, you send money from one bank account to the other or fund the online casino bankroll. Transferring money this way is fast and free. It’s also safer than depositing funds or withdrawing winnings in cash.

The working principle is straightforward. Once an online bank transfer is initiated, the apparatus redirects clients to their respective bank accounts. Following the on-screen instructions, enter the credentials and the figure you’d like to transfer.

You may expect to pay extra fees when making an Instant Bank Transfer in a different currency from your existing currency account. We discuss foreign exchange rates charged by your bank. The amount is not fixed and varies from bank to bank.


Neosurf is a prepaid voucher to buy at any accredited point of sale. With a predefined nominal price, it’s a 10-digit PIN-coded coupon. When checking out or funding bankrolls at Neosurf casinos, put down the code to complete the payment. No one will ever discover your identity. Anonymous gambling represents a crucial Neosurf’s advantage.

As a fortune-seeker, remember that a Neosurf card is, above all, safe. Moreover, there’s no need to open a bank account to deposit in online casinos that accept Neosurf or use any other payment method. In that sense, Neosurf platforms are similar to Paysafecard casinos. Your money is secure if you don’t share your PIN (a secret code) with anyone else. Even if you lose the code, the sum of money you could lose is limited to the Neosurf vouchers denomination.

Yet, Neosurf transactions come with a 4.5% transaction cost. While withdrawals are free, the practice requires an upfront deposit payment. Also, it’s impossible to withdraw the Neosurf online casino winnings on a prepaid card.


EcoPayz is a payment system that has been running since 2010. The set-up relies on several payment processors, such as ecoCard, a prepaid credit card. They also have an ecoVoucher and a downloadable ecoAccount app on any modern smartphone.

The best part is that setting up a new account with ecoPayz doesn’t cost much. This means you start using their services right away. With ecoPayz, you dispatch money to people across the board, and it will be safe and secure. Every transaction uses state-of-the-art SSL encryption. Notwithstanding, the company relies on PCI and DSS.

Progressive fees are EcoPayz’s most striking disadvantage. Basic and Classic membership accounts have a $2,500 transaction cap + a 2.99% currency conversion tariff. Silver-level verified accounts block all transfers above $10,000. Only Gold members have improved limits, including doubled casino withdrawals.


Crypto gambling started to emerge in 2011. A poker site was among the frontrunners to accept Bitcoin payments. Things only took off for the crypto gaming industry when the first licensed Bitcoin casino hit the scene in 2014.

In addition to anonymous and secure transactions, Bitcoin casinos stand out compared to ordinary online casinos for fast processing. Payouts record a noteworthy difference because the deposit times don’t differ from other methods. You won’t have to wait days to receive your funds or seek payment through an intermediary. Instead, it’s a breakneck-speed transaction that takes a few minutes. The longest payment approval time is about 1 hour.

Yet, the Bitcoin price fluctuates quickly, which leads to money losses. Bitcoin online casino sites usually have fewer games than traditional fiat-accepting online casinos. Using Bitcoin can be complicated for players unfamiliar with cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology.

Debit and Credit Cards

Even though many players consider them outdated, cards do provide quick transactions. Finding an online gambling platform free of card payments is challenging. Their widespreadness makes them convenient for casino bankroll management.

When the casino marks payments “Verified by Visa,” you’ll know the environment is safe for your personal and financial records. Advanced encryption technology helps safeguard your card details and ensure secure transactions.

But, withdrawal speed is a significant drawback. Winnings may appear on your account for up to seven business days. Depending on the card issuer, players may encounter fees and interest rates. Still, they always benefit from claiming a card-specific casino bonus.

Wrapping it Up

A reliable and fast payment option differentiates a quality casino from a shady brand. Players look for casinos that promise full-scale transactions, granting a better gambling experience. The story started with now-outdated bank transfers stretching from cards to cryptocurrencies. Modern players have a wider assortment of methods than their casino-introductory-era counterparts – they get to play at Paysafecard casinos, Neosurf or Skrill sites. With technological advancements influencing financial sectors, players expect more methods to show up and improve the quality ladder. Until the moment comes, stick to proven operators and choose the most suitable according to your preferences.

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