Alexey Giyazov

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Alfa-Bank’s Head of Marketing, Design and New Business isn’t just an award-winning executive. He’s also a Forbes columnist, CEO at the bank’s charitable foundation and advocate for TV viewers on the What? Where? When? game show.



Giyazov joined Alfa-Bank – Russia’s fourth largest bank and the country’s largest privately owned bank – in 2018. He has assembled a sizeable in-house team, hiring experts in marketing, web sales, design, PR and internal communications.

He oversees the Alfa Research Center, a significant research organization that combines global best UX and CX practices, endeavouring to deliver the best product on the market. The centre has numerous technological capabilities, including a neural network that can capture human emotion, ‘smart glasses’ that track eye motion, panoramic cameras and simulations of everyday environments, including streets, offices, interiors and transit vehicles. These facilities help to fine-tune the Alfa-Bank customer experience, reflecting the things people care most about.

Alexey Giyazov is a highly regarded marketing innovator, and is responsible for several high-profile campaigns with prominent celebrities like TV presenters Ivan Urgant and Vladimir Pozner, and rapper Morgenshtern. He also hired former Vedomosti editor-in-chief Tatyana Lysova to Alfa-Bank’s marketing team. Lysova is now putting her business journalism experience to use at the Alfa Investments editorial office.

He is the inspiration for the term ‘giyazovism’, a marketing buzzword that acknowledges Giyazov’s influence on the industry.

Alfa Chance

The Alfa Chance charity appointed Giyazov as its head in 2020. The bank’s own charitable foundation provides grants to finance student research projects and facilitate their ongoing development. The project has partnered with a network of HE institutions across Russia, including HSE University, Novosibirsk State University, Altai State University and Far Eastern Federal University.

What? Where? When?

Since 2022, Alexey Giyazov has been defending the interests of the viewers of What? Where? When?, a long-running self-styled “intellectual TV quiz show” that has been on air since 1975. Viewers can win 100,000 rubles ($1,000) by beating an expert panel, with 200,000 rubles ($2,000) awarded to the best user-submitted question at the end of every episode. The show’s total prize fund stood at 19 million rubles ($190,000) by the end of 2022.


The Kommersant newspaper shared an industry rating of marketing executives in 2021, in which it named Giyazov Best Marketing Director. He was also among the finalists in 2020 and 2022.

Key dates

2010 — Graduates from Saint Petersburg State University with a bachelor’s degree in philosophy.

2012 — Earns a master’s in media management from Moscow’s HSE University, before working in the banking sector.

2018 — Joins Alfa-Bank.

2020 — Heads Alfa Chance.

2022 — Becomes TV viewer advocate on What? Where? When?

You can read more about Alexey Giyazov here:

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