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Finding a place to live in Chennai was a herculean effort on my part. I had to make a quick choice in the best interest of my loved ones since my employment required me to remain in the city. Then, I found Altis Ashraya, a utopia in every sense of the word. My mind was made up when I set eyes on this little home. The masterful fusion of classic American design with cutting-edge conveniences whisked me to a land of ease and refinement. The feeling of accomplishment I had when I finalised the purchase paperwork was indescribable. It was a lifestyle choice to suit my wants and aspirations. As I settle into my new home, I am constantly amazed by the beauty around me. This masterpiece has been lovingly crafted and shows in the opulent interiors, expansive grounds, and peaceful atmosphere. Finally, I like saying that Altis Ashraya is my home. Here, I can make new friends, try exciting activities, and enjoy life.

How Did I Discover the Altis Ashraya Project?

My mum was quite cautious about finding a new place to live in Chennai. She was concerned that we chose a location that was suitable for our needs and protected us from harm. She did what any reasonable person would do in this situation and asked for help from her social circle. My mum contacted my aunt, who moved to Chennai with her kids a few years ago, to get their take on the situation. My relative, who just went through the city’s housing market, strongly suggested Altis Ashraya

She claims that the building is associated with superiority. She had lived there for some time and could attest to the community’s convenience and security. It was ideal for our requirements as a family. My mom felt better about our decision thanks to my cousin’s endorsement. We knew we had made the correct choice when we moved into our new flat at Altis Ashraya. Thanks to the advice and counsel of our loved ones, we found a home that not only lived up to but beyond our wildest dreams.

Aktis Ashraya Price and Amenities That I Adore

Walking around the halls, I was struck by the thoughtfulness with which every square foot of the home had been designed. The architectural design ideas used to build this space created a wonderful, inviting, and comfortable environment. The asking price is ₹52 Lacs – ₹67 Lacs. Some of what makes this spot special, in my opinion, include the following:

  • Altis Ashraya’s design follows Vaastu principles, providing inhabitants with a stress-free and enjoyable environment.
  • You may enjoy the swimming pool, the play area, the indoor games, the VIP lounge, and the badminton court throughout your stay
  • A fitness centre and an outdoor jogging track are available in the designated recreation area for people interested in staying active. 
  • They have a podium garden, a sewage treatment plant, and a system to collect rainwater since they know they can’t afford to ignore environmental concerns.

3 Reasons to Buy a Home At Altis Ashraya

1. Altis Ashraya Location Benefits

It’s a great choice if you’re seeking a place to settle down in a trendy area. As shown in the next paragraphs, it provides the way for various promising opportunities.

  • The roads connecting North and South Chennai (Bangalore Highway and Outer Ring Road) provide easy access for residents.
  • The area has several reputable schools, so make sure your kids attend one.
  • Mangadu is well served by the bus system, with frequent service to T Nagar, High Court, Tambaram, and Avadi.
  • Mangadu will have enhanced connectivity to the rest of Chennai once the planned Poonamallee Metro Station is constructed.

2. Impressive Amenities

It boasts a sturdy build and an intelligent layout and is loaded to the gills with the finest conveniences and the most attractive decor. Due to its convenient location and several up-to-date conveniences, the apartment complex is a strong contender for the family’s future home. Having parks, gyms, pools, and other entertainment options contributes to the area’s desirability as a residential community.

3. Reputed Builder 

Altis Group has revolutionised the building of both private and public spaces. Because of their expert knowledge of the real estate market, they have successfully constructed 1.5 million square feet of living space. They have made a name for themselves by consistently delivering high-quality buildings on schedule, and their reputation for providing high-end homes has spread far and wide. Because of this, more and more people have faith in and loyalty to their brand. 

All things considered, buying a home in Chennai has always been a dream of mine and I am so glad that I chose Altis Ashraya which had the most perfect apartment within my budget! helped me get reliable information of verified properties in Chennai which saved me a lot of time. Their home painting service in Chennai also ensured that my home looked colourful and perfect!

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