Apple vs. Android: Which OS Is Better for Mobile Gaming?

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Android and iOS are the two primary operating systems which have come to dominate the mobile phone marketplace in recent times. In fact, the chances are high that you are already familiar with at least one of these software platforms. Similar to PC-based bundles such as Apple and Windows, each system is associated with its own benefits as well as a handful of possible drawbacks.

So, how does each compare to the other in terms of gaming? Might a certain system be more appropriate for your needs? These questions are actually more complicated than they might initially appear and each deserves a closer look.

iOS Platforms

Let’s imagine that you have accessed a reputable website such as Jackpot City in order to play the latest casino slots online. Not only will you need an operating system that is capable of streaming large amounts of data at any given time, but taking advantage of hefty welcome bonuses, accessing the latest games and experiencing live dealer action will also require an impressive level of processing power. iOS systems tend to excel in all of the areas mentioned above.

Furthermore, iOS developers tend to be quite stringent in terms of which games are offered in their app store. This signifies that software is often more refined and sophisticated; a definite bonus if you happen to be a hardcore gamer. While iOS systems are normally compatible with mobile-responsive sites, their selection of downloadable games should never be overlooked. However, we should also point out that many iOS games require real-money in-app purchases. This could be frustrating if you happen to be governed by a tight budget.

What About Android?

Android systems has a larger user base when compared to Apple. This signifies that you will be able to encounter more games at any given time. Unlike iOS, many of these games are associated with the F2P (free-to-play) marketplace. This essentially signifies that Android is more accessible to developers who wish to advertise their products to a larger target demographic.

However, some feel that Android quality assurance standards are not as stringent when compared to iOS devices. This could lead to issues such as playability, bloatware and coding errors. Such problems have plagued the Android F2P sector for some time although they are not nearly as common as they once were.

Making the Best Decision

The good news is that contemporary iOS and Android systems are equally capable of handling games that require a fair amount of processing power. Indeed, modern phones often possess gigabytes of free RAM; enabling you to download bulky games (such as Diablo Immortal) without running into any major issues.

The main question is therefor whether you choose to value quality over quantity. Android is known for a truly massive kaleidoscope of titles while Apple and iOS software are slightly more discriminating. If will soon be purchasing a new phone, it is a good idea to take a look at the selection that each brand offers before making your final decision.

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