Can I Record PSM Training Online?

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As businesses adopt agile approaches to be competitive and react to shifting market conditions, PSM (Professional Scrum Master) training is growing in popularity. PSM training equips participants with the abilities and information necessary to successfully manage agile teams, empowering them to deliver top-notch goods and services on schedule. The availability of many PSM training programmes online begs the question: Can I record PSM training online? This essay will go into great detail on this subject and offer some recommendations to assist you in determining whether or not it is suitable to record PSM training sessions.

Knowledge about PSM Training

It’s critical to comprehend what PSM training comprises before discussing the topic of online PSM training recording. PSM training is intended to assist people in acquiring the knowledge and abilities required to become successful Scrum Masters. Organisations frequently utilise Scrum, an agile framework, to manage challenging projects and product development.

Can I Online Record PSM Training?

The quick answer is that it depends on the PSM training programme you are enrolled in specifically as well as the provider’s rules. Due to copyright issues or to protect the privacy of other participants, some training providers may expressly forbid recording their training sessions. Other training providers might permit participants to record training sessions, but with limitations, such as allowing only audio and not video recording or limiting the use of the recording to private study.

Rules for Online PSM Training Recording

It is crucial to first get the training provider’s approval before considering recording PSM training sessions. If recording is permitted, it is crucial to abide by a few rules to make sure you are not breaking any copyright or privacy laws and that you are just utilising the recording for your own research. Some pointers to think about are as follows:

  • Obtain the consent of other attendees: It’s crucial to get the consent of other attendees if you intend to film the training session on camera or with an audio recorder. This is crucial if the training is taking place in a small group environment where participants could feel awkward about being recorded without their permission.
  • Do not distribute the tape to others: It is crucial to keep the recording private and only use it for your own studies. It can be illegal to distribute the recording or violate the privacy of the other participants.
  • Obey copyright laws: It’s crucial to obey copyright laws if the training provider has copyrighted the training materials or course content. Avoid distributing the recording or using it for profit-making endeavours.
  • Consider privacy issues: It’s crucial to consider privacy issues and avoid recording or sharing any conversations of sensitive or private material during the training session.


In conclusion, for how to prepare for PSM training and to know whether you can record the sessions, understand the policies of the PSM training online. If recording is permitted, it is crucial to get the provider’s approval and go by certain rules to make sure you are not breaking any copyright or privacy laws and that you are just using the recording for private study. When used appropriately and with consideration for others, recording PSM training sessions can be a helpful tool for self-study and reflection.

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