Categories Of Lip Piercing

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A lip piercing makes you look more attractive and is a convenient way to draw attention to your lips. You can choose an accessory or jewelry that will turn heads for any occasion. People can get so many types of piercings on their lips.

You can rock in more than one piercing on your lips, especially if you have difficulty selecting several types of piercings. Piercing the lips has been there for a long time and continues to be a practiced culture only with improvements due to modernization. Below are different categories of lip piercing that you can try out today.

  1. Cute Spider Bites

This is one of the most popular variations of lip piercing among women. The spider bites are combined with cute bead rings to make the wearer more outstanding and attractive.

The cute spider bites can be identified by the position of the piercing, which is usually the corner of the lip. With this piercing, you will have to wear a lip ring, especially to prevent the piercing from blocking because the tissues surrounding this area quickly grow out.

  1. The Cyber Bites

This type of piercing is common for both men and women. Cyber piercing is done on the center of the lower and the upper lip.

The method of coming up with the piercing appears simple, but it is painful compared to the procedure of coming up with a spider bite piercing.

You can get any other piercing of choice in addition to the cyber bites. Use the cutest fashion jewelry on your cyber bites to get attention to your piercing.
  1. Double Piercings

These are the ideal options for those that want to go a little bit extra by using several jewels on their lips.

This piercing is achieved by getting two holes under the lower lip border. One hole goes to the left, while the other is on the right of the lower lip border.

With the double piercing, you can easily change your jewelry whenever you feel like to suit different occasions and needs.

  1. The Shark Bites

This is the ideal piercing if you are a very bold person and you want to showcase how confident you are. This piercing appears like little shark bites hence the name. They are an enhancement of the piercing in any area, and they add style to the wearer.

This type of piercing is considered bold as it involves getting several piercings on the lower lip. In this case, the piercing does not exactly go on the lip but rather below the lip.  

The multiple holes are what make this piercing stand out. The least number of holes required for a piercing to qualify as a shark bite is four.

  1. Double-Center Lip Piercing

This is ideal for people who love getting their lips pierced but want it to be simple. This piercing will not attract much attention to your lips if you don’t like the attention that comes with multiple piercings.

The defining feature of this piercing is the double holes at the center of the lower lip. Compared to shark bites, this piercing is way less painful and faster.

To make this piercing unique, you must wear a slim ring, as super-thick jewelry may make the piercing look dramatic and unpleasant.
  1. The Medusa Piercing

The medusa piercing involves drilling a hole in a big tissue on the upper lip. The piercing goes on below the nose and the center of the upper lip.

The Medusa piercing is most people’s option, especially those not exposed to the different types of piercing.

You can also combine the Medusa piercing with other types of piercing if you want to go a bit extra. Have fun exploring the different types of jewelry to fit in on different occasions.

  1. A Barbell On The Lower Lip

This is the ideal jewelry for starters who need to gain a lot of understanding of different types of jewelry. It is easy to come up with this piercing, and it heals much faster than other types of piercings.

  1. Angel Bites

This is done on the top lip on either of the corners. You can combine it with a labret for a more catching and stunning appearance. Do it with your favorite jewel for different to stun for different occasions.

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