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Dr Syed Rizwan Ahmed: Wiki, Age and Family 2024

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Real Name Dr Syed Rizwan Ahmed
Dr Syed Rizwan Age83 Years (As of 2024)
Date of BirthAug 13, 1940
Place of BirthLucknow, India
ProfessionSocio-Religious-Legal-Political Commentator
Last Update2024

Early Life and Background

Dr Syed Rizwan Ahmed is a prominent Indian Socio-Religious-Legal-Political Commentator. Born on 13 March in Lucknow, India, His zodiac sign is Pisces, and with a height of approximately 5′ 10″. He possesses a distinctive salt and pepper hair color paired with striking black eyes. Although information about his parents and siblings is scarce, His identifies as a follower of Islam.

Faith and Inclusivity

In response to a question about the right religion between Islam and Judaism, Dr. Syed emphasized a universal perspective. Regardless of the specific belief system, he believes that the true path lies with those who contribute more to society, exhibit greater progress, work diligently, and uphold values of honesty and humanity. His philosophy encourages embracing the unknown and letting go of divisive elements.

YouTube Channel: FACE TO FACE

Ahmed’s influential presence extends to his YouTube channel, FACE TO FACE, boasting an impressive following of around 897k as of 2023. Specializing in commentary. He dissects and reacts to relevant videos, focusing on topics ranging from political speeches, parliamentary proceedings, and legal verdicts to news, films, and religious matters. His videos, conducted in Hindi, cover both national and international subjects.

Dr Syed Rizwan Ahmed 2024

Unbiased Journalism Collaboration

FACE TO FACE is a collaborative effort between Dr Syed Rizwan Ahmed and Snap Wave Production, dedicated to freelance journalism and unbiased news analysis. The channel focuses on providing insightful coverage of current events within the nation.

Media Appearances and Advocacy

He has made appearances on various news channels, engaging in debates and sharing his informed opinions. Notable appearances include Republic Bharat, News18 India, ABP News, and India TV, where he discussed religious conversion cases, the Hijab controversy, and the Azaan controversy.

Humanitarian Initiative: Mission Samvedna

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Dr Syed Rizwan Ahmed initiated “Mission Samvedna” to assist those in distress. Collaborating with friend Ranjeet Singh Yadav, he transformed a van into a makeshift hearse. The initiative involved providing meals to frontline workers, including hospital staff, and aiding in funeral rituals for those who lost loved ones.

In an interview, Dr Syed emphasized the importance of taking precautions against COVID-19 while maintaining humanity and courage: “We cannot allow Covid-19 to enslave our courage and humanity. We have to take precautions but cannot stop helping others” [3] (The Times of India).

Holistic Approach to Life

Apart from his active involvement in socio-religious, legal, and political matters, He practices yoga, showcasing a holistic approach to life.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Dr Syed Rizwan Ahmed?

He is an Indian Socio-Religious-Legal-Political Commentator, born on 13 March in Lucknow, India. He is also an advocate and runs the YouTube channel FACE TO FACE.

What is Dr Syed Rizwan Ahmed background?

His background includes being born in Lucknow, India, on 13 March. He follows Islam and has a professional background as an advocate.

What is Ahmed’s stance on religion?

He believes that the right religion is the one that encourages progress, success, hard work, honesty, humanity, and contributions to the world. He emphasizes these qualities over specific religious affiliations.

Tell us more about His YouTube channel, FACE TO FACE.

FACE TO FACE is Dr Syed Rizwan Ahmed’s YouTube channel, boasting approximately 897k followers as of 2023. The channel features commentary on various topics, including political speeches, parliamentary proceedings, legal verdicts, news, films, and religious matters, all presented in Hindi.

Dr Syed Rizwan Ahmed


He stands as a distinguished commentator, bridging gaps and fostering inclusivity through his multifaceted contributions in various spheres of public discourse and humanitarian endeavors.

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