Enhance Your Laptop Experience: Portable Extender Monitors on Prime Day

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Wish you could extend your laptop screen? Wish granted. 

Introducing the Duex Plus portable laptop monitor by Mobile Pixels — a laptop screen extender designed to increase the size of 13 to 14-inch laptop screens with its 13.3-inch FHD (full high definition) or 1080P display.

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This revolutionary accessory will be a game-changer for all your computing needs. We’ll give you six reasons to invest in it, but first —

What Is Duex Plus?

Duex Plus is a portable screen extender that transforms your single-screen setup into a dual-screen powerhouse to double your productivity. One of the best things about it is you can easily carry it with you and attach it to your laptop without complicated setups.

You can mount it on either side of your laptop screen with a magnetic mounting system. Thanks to its G-sensor capabilities, it will automatically sense its orientation and switch accordingly to give you the perfect extended screen. However, it can also stand by itself in portrait orientation using the genius kickstand mode. 

So, the next time you want to take your office on the road, Duex Plus is the way to go. 

Benefits of Extending Your Screen With Duex Plus

Here’s why you need to head to the Mobile Pixels website:

1. Extra Real Screen Estate

The portable laptop monitor extender Duex Plus adds to the screen real estate of your laptop by 13.3 inches, allowing you to see more information at once. 

It’s also great for multi-tasking!

For example, you can use one screen to do your work — whether it’s writing code or designing graphics — and the spare for reference material or to chat with your team and clients. 

2. Better User Experience

Duex Plus provides a wider field of view without sacrificing the quality or resolution of the images with its 1080P or FHD display. Capable of providing an immersive experience, this portable laptop monitor is great for gaming, giving you high refresh rates, excellent response times, and precise motion handling for detailed graphics.

It can upgrade your viewing experience regardless of how you use your computer.

3. Convenient Features

This portable laptop monitor has two functional USB-C ports which makes it compatible with most modern laptops and ports. You can use one to charge your extended monitor while the other can be connected to your laptop. 

Best of all, it’s plug-and-play. You don’t need to spend precious minutes fiddling with drivers and getting your computer to recognize your auxiliary device. You can use it with a wide range of equipment, including Nintendo Switch, macOS, Windows OS, and Samsung Dex.

You can set up the Duex Plus in two ways:

  • As a mirrored display, where the laptop screen extender displays an exact replica of what you see on your primary screen.
  • As an extended desktop, which allows you to extend your monitor. So, you can have different windows and tabs open on both screens. 

With an HDMI cable plugged in, the extender will function as an extension of your screen without any lags or reduction in performance. 

  1. Mobility

Duex Plus is a portable laptop monitor with a compact and lightweight design. Weighing 1.3 lbs, it’s nearly 50% slimmer than Mobile Pixels’ earlier models.

It’s made of sturdy aluminum alloy and quality PC-ABS plastic. It also comes with a robust and sophisticated backing system that easily fits into your bag for easy on-the-road productivity. 

5. Eye Care

The benefits of a Duex Plus go beyond additional screen real estate.

It ensures optimal eye comfort by reducing the amount of harmful blue light that is emitted from the display. You can even adjust the brightness to prevent eye fatigue, strain, and tension, keeping your eyes comfortable even in low-light environments. 

Plus, if you have poor eyesight, you can increase the font size and zoom in on pictures on the extended screen while still seeing more than your one-screen setup.

6. Ergonomics 

This portable laptop monitor extender offers ultra-flexible 270-degree viewing angles, enabling you to find the exact position you need while enjoying great graphics. You can easily flip the screen almost to the back, sharing its contents with your colleagues. 

Breathe New Life Into Computing With Mobile Pixels

Who says you can’t enjoy a second monitor when you’re on the go? Mobile Pixels is challenging the status quo with its portable laptop monitor Duex Plus. Whether you’re working from home, heading to the office, or squeezing in some work during your vacation, you can easily attach the additional monitor to your laptop. Offering easy setup, utmost portability, and flexible angles, you can enjoy the same expansive viewing experience with this laptop accessory. And remember, if you order between July 11 and 12, you can get it at half off!

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