Getting Started in Diablo 4 After Release – Tips and Tricks for Players

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Finally, active beta testing has ended and the Diablo 4 project, which is a continuation of the already cult second part from Blizzard, has been released.

You need to test all 5 playable classes currently available and decide on the main class if you haven’t done so during the OBT period.

You can choose from the following characters:

  • Barbarian
  • Hunter
  • Mage
  • Druid
  • Necromancer

You can create each character, run for a certain amount of time, test skills and combat potential and see if you are ready to spend hours pumping and equipping this particular hero.

You can level up your character on your own, moving from act to act and gaining experience along the way, or apply for the Diablo 4 boosting service SkyCoach.

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The beginning of the game and the first difficulties

As in all games in the Diablo series from Blizzard, you will start the game on the selected class with minimal equipment and weapons, or rather, with its absence.

You have to leave the peaceful city and start destroying monsters in order to get yourself weapons and armor, with which you will start your pumping, having received the first level and having mastered the first normal attacking skill.

All equipment and weapons will have their own durability threshold, which gradually decreases when used and decreases significantly when dying, so be especially careful about your health level to avoid unnecessary deaths. Otherwise, you will simply lose all the equipment, and at the beginning of the game it is especially difficult to get it, and you will start again as if from the first level of the game.

Of course, all equipment and weapons can and should be repaired, but, firstly, it costs gold, which will be difficult to access at the beginning of the game, and secondly, it is still not advisable, and even having lost your armor and weapons, it is easier to continue killing monsters, just to get new ones.

Accumulate healing and mana potions – this is a valuable resource that determines how hard you can fight and save your life and combat potential in any game situation, which is especially important in raids and dungeons, where you never know what awaits you around the corner and what skill will apply to the enemy and its consequences.

Get a horse

In order not to move on your own and get a companion that can significantly speed up your movement and provide a high increase in overall mobility, then you need a horse

This is a companion that cannot be pumped, but can be customized into any look that is pleasing to your eye.

You will have the opportunity to get a horse by completing quests after completing the Third act and completing tasks in the Cathedral of Light.

Earning gold in Diablo

Diablo has always been a game where gold is literally everywhere, the only difference is time and effort.

You can simply knock out gold from monsters, get weapons and equipment and simply sell them to local NPCs or interested players, find chests with loot and gold reserves and get it through valuable trophies received from local and world bosses.


Diablo has been a game with a big stake in the dungeon system throughout its history. Valuable farming of resources and equipment takes place in them, people pass through them from one location to another, they contain dangerous monsters that need to be eliminated to complete tasks and progress through the story.

Fame in Diablo 4

In the universe of Diablo from Blizzard, there is such a thing as fame, which is calculated from the actions that a player performs for the benefit of the community of the server on which he plays.

Fame has its own milestones, for overcoming which you will receive gold, additional potions and various items to enhance your equipment.

I repeat – all actions relate exclusively to the main gameplay and benefit the entire server of the Diablo world, so you will perform some of the tasks yourself, and something will close by itself.

What can be done to increase the fame parameter:

  • Find and discover new territory
  • Activate Lilith’s new altar
  • Open the gates of travel
  • Completing most side quests that are not directly related to the main story
  • Monster dungeon clearing
  • Capture of fortresses

For the transition to a new level of fame, you will receive a cash reward, skill learning points and various useful items to strengthen the hero.


Each of the selected heroes will have their own basic skills and directions for the development of the class, and you yourself will decide in which direction to develop your hero.

If at some point in the game you begin to notice that the character is losing its effectiveness, do not rush to change the main character.

Spend gold and reset your invested skill points and go on a different path to develop your class.

Aspects in Diablo 4

Aspects are special amplifiers that add new characteristics and abilities to your equipment or weapons.

They are obtained in special raids and dungeons with a clear reference to the place of loss. This means that if you regularly kill the same boss or monster, the rewards will be identical in the form of aspects. Of course, you can sell them, but keep in mind that many players will go through not difficult zones on their own and the price on the gaming market will be appropriate.

Loot collection technique

In Diablo 4, as in all previous parts, when hunting, the player always encounters a huge number of monsters and, accordingly, a lot of loot and gold, which must not only be collected, but also analyzed for value. Monsters are different, and if you get carried away looking at the rewards, you can skip the explosive or special one and the whole farm will end fatally, so consider a few recommendations.

Set the loot icons in the settings – even if you believe in yourself and are able to fight and view inventory – this will simplify the process of evaluating and dressing the hero.

Stop in one place and destroy all the monsters that are running at you, and only then proceed to analyze your inventory for value.

Look for cover, or just hit the AoE effects until there is silence and calm around.

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