Guide to Convert PDFs in Different Ways on Windows PC

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Whatever your reason for wanting to convert PDFs to editable documents, this article provides the information you require. Here are the best methods for converting a PDF file to a doc on your Windows PC. Continue reading to find out more. 

How to Convert PDF to Word 

There are various methods for converting PDFs, as well as third-party apps that allow you to do so on a Windows PC. The best apps for you will be those that are most comfortable and accessible to you. Some of these apps require a subscription fee, while others do not. 

Convert Files Using Microsoft Word

You can convert a PDF to Word within Microsoft Word. However, keep in mind that the layout, line breaks, and other critical formatting may be lost. 

You can convert the PDF file by opening it in Microsoft Word. You will be asked to convert to an editable version that can be formatted and edited. After editing, you can save the file as usual. 

Convert Files Using Google Docs 

Google Docs, like Microsoft Word, allows you to open a PDF file with their app. Make a copy and save it to your computer.

Convert Files Using Adobe Acrobat 

The Adobe Acrobat PDF conversion tool is useful, but it is notorious for being overpriced. If you are a student or run a small business, you are probably not willing to spend so much money on a PDF conversion tool. 

The free version of the pro app is only available for a seven-day trial period. 

If you need a full-featured PDF that allows you to perform a variety of PDF actions for free, you should look into iTop PDF.

Convert, Edit, and Manage Files with iTop PDF Editor 

This PDF Editor does more than just convert PDF files to other formats; it also provides all of the PDF solutions you require. It is simple to use, and its basic features are free. Because it is multifunctional, the iTop PDF editor is an excellent choice. When you use this software, you can easily compress, edit, convert, and manage files. 

You can also convert PDF to Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and Image formats using this PDF converter. Simply select the item to be converted, select the converting format, and save as usual. Because everything is done offline, you don’t have to be concerned about the security of your data. 

More Info About the iTop PDF Converting Tool 

The iTop PDF editing software combines several PDF tools into a single application. As previously stated, it can do more than just convert files. It also functions as a PDF reader, a compression tool, and a document management tool. If you need to edit PDF files, the iTop PDF editing software will come in handy. 

  • You nned a conversion tool that retains all the elements of your document, including layout, fonts, and text 
  • You need a multifunctional but free PDF tool for your needs
  • You want to e-sign documents and add stamps to it 
  • You want to edit the content of a PDF, add images, new text, and more elements 
  • You want a collaborative tool that allows you to add annotations, leave comments, and highlight essential things on a PDF file 
  • You need to password-protect a file or protect sensitive information in it 

Because it is lightweight and does not lag, you will find this PDF Editor to be simple to use and quick. The premium version is also available if you want to avoid ads and explore a wider range of functionality. If you are a professional or a business looking to save time and improve productivity workflow, we recommend this pro version.

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