How to win Bonus on Pocket52?

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Playing poker game online is one of the best things you can do. People have spent leisure time on games like online Ludo, Carrom, poker, etc. But do you know that people can earn money out of it? Yes, you heard it right people can earn profit out of it. If you play poker online on sites like Pocket52, you will get a welcome bonus, spin wheel to try your luck and also get amazing bonus on playing different games.

If you are willing to win the game you have to learn to play poker and once you learn the art of poker, you will certainly start winning prizes. Benefits of Pocket52 is you get easy payment methods and an array of variety in payment options. If you are willing to use UPI, or card they are also available. It makes it easier for the payer to cash out their prizes and induce money for bets.

How to use Pocket52 for winning prizes? 

  1. Download the App

Some people prefer playing poker on the Pocket52 site however, it is always beneficial to play it on an app because it is easily accessible and you do not have to log in again and again like you have to do it on a caseoff website. 

  1. Sign up / login 

If you are a first time user you have to sign up and if you are already a user of Pocket52, the app might ask you to log in. Once you enter your credentials you will be redirected to the homepage of the app. 

  1.  Choose the Game and variant

You will have endless variants of poker like Texas Hold’em, Omaha, etc. you can choose among them and once you decide upon it you have to choose the table for yourself. Every poker app has multiple tables which have a limit of the number of players. Pocket52 also has different poker tables and you can get entry into it wherein you will find other players as well. 

  1. Play The Game 

When you enter the table you will be given your texas holdem poker and you will be able to see poker odds as well. You have to place bets for which you can use your welcome bonus initially and then add money to your Pocket52 wallet. Once you start playing the game you have to focus on odds and your game plan

  1. Winning the Game

If you win the pot that indicates you have won the money and even if you did not get lucky enough to win you will get a prize wheel or bonus prize that can be used further. 

The Bottom Line 

If you want to earn the prizes on Pocket52, you can also enter poker tournaments, which comes with great opportunities. As a poker player you would love to win prizes and bonuses. If you want to get it all enroll now on Pocket52 and experience the best poker games with extra benefits.  

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