Kalam Ink, A Rapper and producer from India

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Kalam Ink, a hip-hop artist, songwriter, and producer, was born in Dehradun, India. His real name is Atul Dobhal, and he changed his name when he started his singing career. Born on 24th February 1998, Kalam Ink was inspired by the Pakistani rapper Talha Anjum; then, he started writing his rap as he had an affection for music since childhood. He started his YouTube journey in 2020 and posted his first rap song, “Last Wish”, which gained popularity among youngsters.

He added several songs back to back on YouTube and earned significant subscribers and followings on Twitter and Instagram. His famous songs are street flow and yes, we cry. His fans search for street flow kalam ink lyrics, and yes we cry kalam ink lyrics to understand the lyrics and meanings of the songs properly.

His brother, Anurag Dobal, is a successful blogger and YouTuber with 5 Million Subscribers. Kalam Ink just wants to reach the hearts of people through music, not via the popularity of his brother.

As an independent artist, he serves as a songwriter, music director, and rapper. He has gained an enormous following on his YouTube channel and Instagram account. Kalam has been producing rap content since 2016 and made his debut as well with the release of his famous song “Last Wish”.

During his musical journey, he sang several songs including zindagi, yadon se, Kalam Kaar, Aaj Bhi Aap, Ghalib, K.Y.U, Fame Talk, Kali Raat, Hum Toote Hain, Ra Ta Ta, Dard Wala Santa, Pushing Pain, God Talking, Ishq 3.0, Industry Talk, Indian Cole, Last Wish, The UK07 Rider, Depression, 1998, Karma, Balenciaga, ISD, Street Flow Kold World, Tu Samjhi Nahi, Tumhari Tasveeren, Shayari,  Rula Deta ha, Teri Yadaan wich, Expensive vision, Yadon se, Tum Naa Badalna, Two Poles, Khuda, and several others which he debuted. 

Kalam Ink’s gained success after releasing Last Wish song. He got National popularity & fame after posting the songs on his YouTube channel. People with a love of fast tracks got interested in his rap songs and started searching for yes we cry kalam ink lyrics and street flow kalam ink lyrics to get a full understanding of the words he said while singing.

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