Navigating Crypto Swaps: A Guide to Exchanging BNB to BTG

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Bitcoin Gold (BTG) is a cryptocurrency that was hard-forked from the original Bitcoin in October 2017. It seeks to make mining easier, even for users without specialized ASIC hardware. The swap between BNB and BTG means you can exchange one cryptocurrency for another using your Binance account.

What are cryptocurrency swaps?

Cryptocurrency swaps are a way to exchange bnb to eth, for example. They’re also known as crypto exchanges, and they can be used to make trades between different cryptocurrencies or tokens.

When you make a swap on an exchange, it’s kind of like going to the grocery store and exchanging your dollars for pounds you’re trading one currency for another. In this case, though, we’re talking about digital currencies rather than physical ones!

The process of swapping between cryptocurrencies

Swaps are a common way to exchange cryptocurrencies. You can think of a swap as an exchange that occurs between two separate blockchains, but with no third party involved. To do this, you’ll need to send your coins from one wallet to another and then wait for them to arrive at their destination.

If you want to swap Binance Coin (BNB) for Bitcoin Gold (BTG), here’s how:

  • Send your BNB from the wallet where it’s stored into the “Swap” section of your account on the Binance website or mobile app; then click “Deposit & Withdrawals” in order…

How to exchange BNB for BTG

In order to exchange BNB for BTG, you’ll need:

  • A Binance account. You can create one here.
  • Some Bitcoin (BTC) to trade with. If you don’t already have any BTC, read our guide on buying Bitcoins from Coinbase or CEX.IO before proceeding further!
  • Some Binance Coin (BNB). If you don’t already have some of these handy tokens, see our guide on how to buy them here

Buy Binance Coin with Bitcoin

In order to buy Binance Coin with Bitcoin, you need to know the following:

  • The exchange rate of each currency. This information is available in the “Market” tab on Binance’s website. The BTC/BNB rate is currently 0.00211050 BTC per 1 BNB token; ETH/BNB is 0.00201749 ETH per 1 BNB token; USDT/BNB is $1 = 100 BNB tokens (note that this exchange rate changes over time).
  • How much Bitcoin you want to use for your trade (and whether you want to keep any leftovers). For example, if I wanted 10 BNB tokens and am willing to pay up to 0.0211 BTC per 1 unit of this cryptocurrency coin then I would input those numbers into my account settings page before making my purchase order request through their trading platform interface itself!

Convert BNB to BTG

  • Buy BNB with BTC

The first step is to purchase BNB with BTC on the Binance exchange. To do this, go to the “Exchange” tab and then click on either “Basic” or “Advanced” depending on your experience level. If you’re new to crypto trading, I recommend sticking with Basic for now since it displays all of your options in a simple list format that’s easy for beginners to understand.

Once you’ve selected your desired pair (BNB/BTC), click on “Buy BNB” at the bottom of the page; then enter an amount in either dollars or satoshis per coin (you can use Google search if need be). Next, confirm whether or not you want to use limit orders (which means they won’t fill immediately) or market orders (which are filled immediately but may result in higher fees). Finally click “Buy Binance Coin!”

Exchange your BTC for BTG.

To exchange bnb to btg, you’ll need to have BNB in your account. If you don’t currently own any BNB, the easiest way to buy it is by buying Bitcoin with fiat currency on an exchange like Coinbase or Kraken. Once you’ve purchased some Bitcoin (or other altcoins), go back into Binance and navigate over to the “Exchange” section of their main page:

Once there click on “Basic” at the top right of this page and then click on “BTC/BNB” which will bring up another box that looks like this:

Now that we’re here we can finally start our swap! Under “Buy”, enter how much BTC or ETH (Ethereum) that want converted into Binance Coin; then hit “Buy BNB”. On top right corner select Ethereum as shown below:

Learn how to trade Binance Coin (BNB) for Bitcoin Gold (BTG).

If you want to get started with trading cryptocurrencies, Binance is a great place to start. It’s one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges around, so it’s easy to find people who are willing to trade with you.

You can use Binance Coin (BNB) as payment for your trades on their platform. Once you’ve bought some BNB and exchanged it into Bitcoin Gold (BTG), then it’s time for step 3: selling your BTG back into BTC!


We hope this guide has helped you understand cryptocurrencies swaps. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out in the comments below. We’ll be happy to answer them!

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