Non-Profit Video Production: Telling Stories That Inspire Action and Change

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From cancer research to raising financial and medical supplies for poverty and war-affected areas, non-profits make a significant impact on the world. However, one area where non-profits often struggle is raising money required to do this vital work. They can also struggle with generating awareness about pertinent issues to spur people to take action.

This is where videos come in. It’s been reported that over 3 billion people consumed online video content in 2022 alone. This statistic highlights the incredible potential of non-profit videos in creating awareness and raising support for these organizations.

This article covers everything you need to know about non-profit video production, including what it is, as well as tips on how to get the best results from these videos.

What Is Non-profit Video Production?

Non-profit video production is creating video content tailored towards the aims and objectives of non-profit organizations. Regular commercial videos are usually made to promote particular products or services. However, non-profit video production is geared in a different direction. 

These videos favor a more storytelling approach to conveying their message. This makes them perfect for content intended to inspire, educate, and evoke emotional actions resulting in action and change.

Why Videos?

There are lots of different types of content non-profit organizations can use to drive their messages and ensure they reach a wider audience. However, of all the types to choose from, videos are far and away the best. Here are some reasons why:

  • Increased Engagement: According to Statista, online videos were viewed by more than 90% of the currently existing internet users globally. This reach clearly places videos as the best tool for creating awareness on the internet. Since a non-profit’s content aims to get its messages across to as many people as possible, videos are the perfect tool to achieve this.
  • Emotional Connection: Unless people are totally focused, there’s a very high chance that reading text or looking at pictures won’t really evoke much emotion. However, where videos are concerned, it’s a different case. Videos contain both visual and auditory elements in an optimal combination. This makes them perfect for evoking stronger emotional reactions in viewers. 
  • Measurable Impact: These days, there are many effective tools for tracking the effectiveness of a video campaign. So, it’s a lot easier to measure the effectiveness and results of a non-profit video. 
  • Budget-friendly: Non-profits usually have to carry out their activities on a minimal budget. So, there isn’t usually room to draft new content frequently. However, videos are versatile and can be adapted to different causes and activities. This greatly reduces costs associated with content production.
  • Better Presentation: It’s also worth mentioning that videos are a much better tool for building brand awareness and making presentations. In situations where showcasing proof of experience is required, videos can help non-profits make the maximum positive impact.

Non-profit Video Production Steps

As mentioned earlier, non-profit videos are quite different from their commercial counterparts. As such, there are some things you’ll need to pay attention to during a non-profit video production. These include the following: 

  1. Objectives and Target Audience

There are lots of different demographics you can target with a non-profit video. However, since the aim is to tease out enough emotion to provoke a change, it’s much better to focus on a particular audience. So, the first and probably most important thing to do when shooting a non-profit video is to clearly define the objective of the video.

You’ll need to determine if the video’s aim is to increase awareness about something, drive recruitment, or encourage donations. The approach you take to convey your message depends significantly on the objectives and target audience.

  1. Crafting The Message

Like every other video content type, it’s never a great idea to proceed to shoot a non-profit video without first developing a script. A script is a play-by-play plan of action that guides you on what to say or do during the non-profit video production. That said, writing an excellent script for non-profit video production involves three key components:

  • Identify the core message: Firstly, you’ll have to determine what the key message you want to pass across in your video is. For example, if the plan is to raise money, then your core message should center around highlighting the importance of donations and what can be achieved with them.
  • Build The Story: After identifying the core message, the next thing to do is to build a story or narrative around it. This is where storytelling comes in. Storytelling is essential because it will help ensure your video can forge a viable emotional connection with your viewers. If you’re not sure of your storytelling skills, it’s recommended you hire an expert writer to handle this part for you. 
  • Include Call-to-Actions: Every non-profit video is done with an endgame in view. CTAs are necessary for achieving this end goal. After the storytelling feature has done its job of evoking emotions and a desire to act from viewers, the CTA closes the deal by showing them exactly how they can contribute. So, without it, your non-profit video is not likely to succeed.
  1. The Production Process

The production process is where things get a bit more serious with respect to non-profit video production. 

  • Set a budget: The first thing to do here is evaluate all potential costs and set up a budget. Videos are a cost-effective solution for non-profits; however, their production process can be quite pricey if care isn’t taken. This is why setting a budget is so important. Your budget should account for potential costs like equipment, specialists, editing, etc.
  • Use Quality Equipment: Non-profit video production has to be done with the best audio and video equipment available. Quality video equipment helps to guarantee clear and professional-looking content. The audio equipment complements the perfect visuals by offering perks like background noise reduction and clear sounds.
  • Hire Specialists: If the production process calls for using technical equipment, it is recommended you hire an expert. 
  • Prioritize Lighting: Shoot non-profit videos in perfect environments under optimal lighting conditions. Natural light is the best, but you can also get good-quality visuals with artificial lighting (LEDs).
  1. Post-production

After shooting the video, there are still a number of things you’ll need to do. The first is the editing process, where the recorded content is cleaned up, animations are added, if necessary, and music is synced. Then, you’ll also need to consider where to release your content. This could be social media, your website, email newsletters, or even charity events. Be aware that your choice of platform is just as important as the video content itself.


Non-profit videos allow non-profit organizations to effectively tell their stories and elicit the help they need to make interventions. Their impactful effect is because of their uniquely persuasive and strategic approach to storytelling and message delivery. Thus, they have emerged as a powerful tool for organizations striving to inspire positive action and effect change.

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