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Betting on sports matches has always involved looking through stats and placing your wager on the team you’re most confident in with considerations on luck as a factor. This concept’s simplicity inspired developers and sports experts alike to try another form of gambling. 

One that uses random number generators (RNG) in sports betting called the ‘Simulated Reality League’ or SRL. This is a new form of online sports betting that is similar to the classic wagering over professional athletes’ competitions. Here’s everything you need to know about it including what it entails and how to participate in it:

What is a Simulated Reality League?

SRL is a type of sports league that involves all of the clubs and players you already know and love from real professional tournaments. The major difference is that all matches you can bet on this market are simulated. That means you are betting on potential outcomes decided by RNG but with advantages balanced by every player’s performance data in their lineup. 

It’s not a means to replace real sports. In fact, it is an extension of it. Sports fans know the dread of having to wait for a new game in between seasons. It is especially evident during the pandemic when all leagues were cancelled for the players’ safety. SRL offers an extension of that sports betting experience by providing simulated events as substitutes to real sports.

Everything you know about your favourite player and clubs are still vital pieces of information when betting on an SRL game. All matches simulate a variety of outcome with minor deviations between matchups then RNG is used to randomly select one of many generated outcomes. This will determine the score distribution, number of penalties, and ultimately the result. 

What leagues are in the Simulated Reality League?

SRL also follows a long series of matches from start to finish with eliminations and brackets like real sports leagues. It’s simplified, shorter, and often arbitrary. Regardless, you can place wagers like futures and outrights on the following leagues:

  • Premier League SRL 
  • Big Bash League SRL 
  • T20 International SRL 
  • Pakistan Super League SRL 
  • Caribbean Premier League SRL 
  • SA20 League SRL 

What markets are available in the Simulated Reality League?

Markets available in SRL are similar to what you’ll find in the sports they were based on. Here are some of the most common in-play markets:

  • Match winner 
  • Correct score of the match
  • Top player (batter/bowler)
  • Scores per innings
  • Yes or no (Tie breaker)
  • Over/under (scores or game time)

All of them are presented 1:1 from real sports leagues to SRL. Thus, gamblers can switch between them at any time without missing out on what one has to offer that the other does not. The only major difference is the lack of possibility for injuries. Every match starts and ends with the complete starting lineup with possibilities of substitutions factored in.

How to bet on Simulated Reality League sports

You can bet on SRL matches exactly the same way as any sports league. Go to a bookmaker that offers this category then follow the following steps:

  • Sign up
  • Make a deposit in the website’s supported currency
  • Go to the bookmaker main page
  • Look for Simulated Reality League
  • Choose a specific league
  • Find the match you’re interested in
  • Place a bet on any market outcome

You can combine bets if the casino you are betting on supports the feature. Simply go to the bet slip (if there is one) then manage your wager from there. The casino is also likely holding a special promotion for these matches so always check their bonuses. Bet on upcoming SRL games here:

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