What is PRODEG? All You Need To Know

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The contemporary world is full of businesses. People around the globe are connecting to do business. However, running these businesses is not a piece of cake. Moreover, these businesses rely on the basis of the internal linking of the departments. Training and compliance is also a different thing. Furthermore, prodeg is one of those companies you can trust to make your company prosperous. 

They have been operating in the business market for over 30 years. Furthermore, PRODEG has been developing corporate projects in Certifications, Business Education, and management. Additionally, they offer solutions that increase the productivity and profitability of customers, acting in the cost rationalization process, process restructuring, consulting, audits, and management training. Moreover, they serve big brands, generate value, ​​and cultivate relationships.

Headquarter of Prodeg

Its headquarter is in Curitiba. However, it also serves the entire national territory and Latin American countries, providing consultancy to medium and large organizations in the industry, service provision, commerce and unions, and class entities.

Main Points

Company`s mission

They Develop custom solutions for each of their clients through innovative methodologies. However, always providing the generation of goods, services, and results compatible with the vision and values ​​of the company and its current and future markets. 

Company values

Based on ethics, transparency, and principles. Furthermore, PRODEG offers quality services to provide clients with more efficient and effective strategic and operational results.

Company`s Experience

The experience and qualifications of its professionals make PRODEG a company capable of increasing its profitability. However, the profitability of its customers, even when inserted in very competitive scenarios.

Is it ISO Certified?

Yes, this company is ISO certified; for this company, quality starts at home. Knowing this, they ensure the quality of work with the ISI 9001:2015 certificate. 

What Are the Markets They are targeting?

There are many markets that it targets. However, the list of the primary needs is below to give you an idea about the company. 

  • Food and drinks
  • Trade and retail
  • Highway concessionaires 
  • Education and sports 
  • Energy
  • Engineering and construction
  • Oil and gas 
  • Port
  • Services provision 
  • Health 
  • Telecommunication and IT
  • Passenger transport
  • Transport and logistics

What Are the Main Services They Offer?

All of these are the primary services they provide to the clients. However, these are the essential services that we recommend all of the benefits to take. 


In an increasingly global world, good managers always face the challenge of encouraging the organization toward administrative modernization. And certifications are great allies to standardize, consolidate and enhance your business. PRODEG helps you to prepare your company for a new moment using the best tools.

Culture Program 

Cultural programs are critical within an organization because they can influence the behavior of employees in an environment that is always looking for better results. Investing in these processes means investing in the company’s future, reducing unnecessary risks, and making internal processes more efficient and reliable.


Comply, in English, means “acting in tune with the rules.” Compliance, in didactic terms, means being absolutely in line with the rules, internal and external controls, and all the policies and guidelines established for your business. Therefore, Compliance is ensuring that the company strictly complies with all the impositions of the regulatory bodies within all the standards required of its segment.

Chains and Franchise

Our team of professionals is ready to help you add value to your business. Many processes are more than indispensable, come and learn about our courses and discover the best way to improve your network and franchise management.


The engineering sector is undoubtedly one of the most technical. To help you, PRODEG offers you a range of services to regulate all the variables related to the operation of your projects. Work with more security, organization, and compliance to achieve excellence in the services provided to your customers.

Training and courses

Your company can count on a wide range of training through all the technical know-how of PRODEG. Prepare your team with an approach to topics ranging from behavioral to technical and elaborate aspects. A trained team yields more: count on us to help your business become more efficient.

Why are These Services Important for Businesses?

After the spell of covid, most companies face managerial and operational issues. However, it was due to the covid hit. Additionally, people are very, very comfortable in work from home environment. Moreover, these things were affecting the productivity of all the companies. Since then, this company has been working to bring a plan to life to help other surviving companies. These services make a company professional.


If we glance at it, we will know that these services are better for your company. Training, compliance, and employee development combinely create a professional company. However, all companies should strive to provide the best to their clients. To excel in sales, you must stick with these kinds of services. Each of these services creates an impact on the overall health of the company. Moreover, these developments help you understand contemporary norms in a better way. Additionally, all these things combinely create a majestic result for the company. 

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