Teaching Letter F

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Are you preparing to introduce the letter F to your child? Here’s a useful guide for you. To assist your child, involve them in enjoyable exercises that will not cause excess strain. In this article, we’ll offer various entertaining activities to support you through the journey of teaching the letter F to your child.

Letter А video

To begin with, take advantage of the comprehensive yet concise Letter F video you will find on the Kids Academy website to give your kid a general idea of the letter.

Discussion and Exploration of the letter

As the next step, talk with your kid about the letter F. You could ask them about different animals they know that begin with this letter and that were not shown in the video above, or ask them what they think the letter looks like. The more you speak about the letter and show them related things, the better they will remember it. 

Letter F Coloring Page

This coloring page can be found on the Kids Academy website among other  Letter F worksheets  and will be an excellent complement to the Letter F instruction. It shows a large bubble letter F, alongside an illustration of a fish and a fan, and your kid should color them in. This activity will aid them in recognizing the sound of the letter, not just its shape.


Letter F Tracing Worksheet

This activity sheet will teach your kid the shape of the capital and lowercase letter F with the help of a tracing activity. Much like the earlier worksheet, it features pictures and words that begin with the letter F, assisting kids to get acquainted with the letter’s sound.


Elephant or Fish

To aid your child in distinguishing between the letters E and F, you can print or cut out illustrations of a Fish and an Elephant, then write uppercase E’s and F’s on adhesive notes. Allow your child to determine where each should be placed.

Fox Craft

In this activity, cut the letter F from orange cardstock along with two triangle pieces for the fox’s ears, and a bushy tail. Allow your child to use glue to glue first the ears then the tail to the letter F, creating a fox shape. You can also sketch a nose and eyes, or include ready-made googly eyes.

Fishing for Fs: 

This activity involves your child fishing for the letter F. Get some paper, paper clips, a string, a rod, a magnet and bowl. Draw several bubble letter Fs and some other letters that you’ve already taught on paper, then cut them out, attach a paper clip to each one, and place them in a bowl. Next, fasten a string around the magnet and tie it to the rod to make a fishing pole. Your child can now use the fishing rod to ‘catch’ the Fs from the bowl. This activity never fails to delight!

F-Meal Prep and Practice

You can incorporate practicing the letter into everyday tasks, for instance, when cooking with your little one. Preparing fried fish filets with fries is an excellent meal choice, given it employs numerous words beginning with this sound such as fry, frying, fries, fish, filets, flour, and so on. This “Letter Sound: F” worksheet can also serve as a great tool for your child to practice this sound.


Cursive Writing 

To help older kids master cursive writing, cursive writing worksheets might be the ideal solution. The goal is to boost your child’s confidence in their writing skills, and these printable sheets do exactly that by inviting them to trace the letter and to practice in writing with loops and swirls.

Teaching the letter F to your child might seem challenging at first due to its similarity to the letter E. But with various fun-filled activities, handy worksheets, and slight incorporations into daily tasks, your child’s path to mastering the letter F becomes an engaging journey rather than a strenuous task.

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