Technological Progress Reshaping Elementary Education

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Technological advancements over the last three decades have overhauled various aspects of life including shopping, communication, and work. Similarly, they have revolutionized education and how parents aid their children’s academic growth.

Education: A Look Back

Before the 1990s, learning was different. Without the internet, children used libraries, encyclopedias, atlases, magazines, and dictionaries for research, that’s why many families kept a complete set of encyclopedias at home for their children’s reference. Parents also purchased extra workbooks and activity books. This era definitely had its own benefits: you had access to information without the need for a stable internet connection, and the sources were dependable, so parents had faith in their authenticity and accuracy.

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Education in the Digital Era

The introduction of personal computers, tablets, mobile phones, and the internet shifted our lifestyle. It opened new work avenues for parents. The internet enables remote work and instant sharing of information. The potential of these benefits in education was soon recognized as well. The need for hefty reference books and library visits for resources has ceased. Children now access a plethora of information online. Worksheets are available in a digital form and offer vibrant, interactive, and engaging learning.

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Educational Applications

Parents today, like before, aim to help their children excel academically. Thanks to modern educational apps, this is achievable with a click. These apps, proofed by educational professionals, offer interactive games, videos, and digital worksheets, maintaining credibility similar to printed encyclopedias of the past.

The Kids Academy: Talented Gifted app is one such tool. It combines fun educational games and activities, aligned with Pre-K and New York State Next Generation Learning Standards or Common Core State Standards for grades K-3.

The app offers educational games for all core subjects from Pre-K to Grade 3. It also includes Art activities for Pre-K and Chess instruction for various grade levels. Each curriculum includes interactive worksheets, quizzes, games, and educational videos.

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In total, the app offers over 4000 auto-scored activities. A motivational reward feature allows kids to earn stars and points that can be spent on accessories for a cute elephant.


This fun kids app provides an engaging online learning space, which is age-appropriate, covers all major subjects, and maintains a learn-play balance. Parents also get weekly progress reports of their child’s performance.

Education: From Then to Now

Education has evolved since the 1990s. The reliable methods of the past now exist in a digital, engaging, and convenient format. Learning apps provide parents with various educational options for their children that were once unavailable. As technology continues to evolve, it promises to further enhance and transform the educational landscape, making learning an even more engaging and convenient experience for future generations.

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