The world beyond stocks: Three investments which will improve your lifestyle

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People who invest usually focus on the core investment opportunities such as stocks and shares, or bonds. Whilst these are notable achievements for any, an investment into a more lifestyle focused alternative may be the option for you, if you’re looking for cheaper alternatives, or things that will improve your life for the better.

Investing is the term used for purchasing something that will increase in value over time and bring a good return rate in the form of capital or income. Broader speaking, an investment can also be putting your time into something that will increase the lives around you; so even extra time with the family is putting in a good investment.  If you’re finding yourself losing out on the side bets in online blackjack, it may be worth looking into alternatives to help you grow your funds. We’ve gathered up three options in the world of lifestyle that you can invest into, with a positive money back opportunity. Though every investment is never guaranteed, it comes with just as much of a security as stocks and shares do.

Real Estate

Investing in properties whether they are commercial or residential are a lucrative investment for anyone looking to build their portfolio. Real estate can include rental properties, holiday homes developments that can generate passive income often, Rental income will not be your only investment return, as appreciation happens with properties, meaning they often face a raise in what they are worth. 

When it comes to investing in property, then the location is of utmost importance. When selecting the area you wish to put money into, you must research all the potential holiday destinations that compare and ensure that it is a desirable place for individuals to travel to. 

According to the 2023 holiday destination trends, the two top locations are placed in Turkey. Sitting at number one, Istanbul is named the “city that never sleeps”, and it is the leading investment spot for holiday makers and holiday renters. Foreigners love to travel to Turkey for numerous reasons, including the multinational population, activities available in the city, history, and as of late – medical surgeries

The second most popular choice for travel destinations of 2023 is Antalya, where it is a more relaxed location opposed to Istanbul. The main focal point for Antalya is that the quality of life is much higher than other westernized countries. Permanent residents and foreign vacationers have lower expenses, with utility bills being one quarter of the price that they are in London, England.

This alone, is a sound investment opportunity destination due to the cost staying low, but the need and desire being there in the first place. 

Fine Art

Art is a brilliant alternative as an investment opportunity, because it often increases in price, but adds to the appearance of your home as well. The art market experiences different waves, but the auctions for art are always at an all-time high. With any investment, you need to ensure that research is key, and no investment will stand a chance without the legwork first.

Being able to decipher between a giclée’s and an original piece is where your investment will really shine. A giclée is a machine-made print that is a recreation of an artist’s original work. It can be printed on both canvas and fine paper, which is why often art lovers may get tricked into the world of giclée’s. The rarity is what will make your investment shine, so always ensure that an authenticity certificate is offered, and it is the original artist’s piece. 

Museums sell giclée versions of masterpieces to generate passive income for their brand, but these are worthless in comparison to the original artist’s work. 

One of the most investable artists of our time is Banksy. If you’re lucky enough to spot a Banksy piece of art, then return on investment would be exceedingly high. A piece called Sunflowers from Petrol Station sold for over $14 million at Christie’s auction, whereas a self-destructing piece also sold for $1 million. 

Luxury Watches and Handbags 

Though very niche, luxury watches and handbags in the luxury market are at an all-time resale price. The resale market was estimated at $30 billion in 2020, with a predicted annual growth of 10-15% over the next decade. By 2025, we will see the watch market take a full third of this full resale share, therefore the time for buying these goods is now. 

Due to the market and shortage of certain brands such as Rolex, the resale price is at a surge, meaning people can flip their watches for a profit. If you were to purchase a Rolex Submariner 2014 for £5200, you could sell that four years later for way over £6,000, meaning that in just four years, you have returned 20% on top.

The same with watches, handbags are reselling for double their funds, due to the exclusivity in certain brands and accessibility issues. Hermes handbags can be sold straight after purchasing for almost double the price, as the resale market is always on the hunt for these highly desirable handbags. You must sign up to be on the list, and it’s all about luck in relation to whether you will be offered one. 

Though these are superficial options in the investment world, they are still very much valid purchases that will guarantee a return and improve your lifestyle. Always do research on the evolving trends in the market, and see which items and brands are in the highest demand, to ensure that your returns are at a maximum.

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