The Life and Crimes of Tillu Tajpuria

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Early Life and Education

Tillu Tajpuria, born as Sunil Mann Tajpuria alias Tillu, emerged from the gritty streets of Tajpur Kalan, Delhi, on July 11th. Hailing from a Jat family, he pursued a Bachelor of Arts from Swami Shraddhanand College at the University of Delhi, leaving a faint trail of his academic pursuit.

College Bonds and Rivalry

During his college days, Tillu shared a camaraderie with Jitender Gogi until a fissure emerged during the elections for the Vice President post. Their once-amicable relationship spiraled into a bitter gang feud, fostering connections with notorious figures like Neeraj Bawana, Naveen Bali, Sunil Rathi, and Cheenu.

Escalating Feuds and Criminal Ventures

The rift escalated into a vicious gang war marked by violence and vendetta. The skirmishes escalated from college politics to ruthless murders, sparking a brutal tug-of-war between Tajpuria’s and Gogi’s factions. Murders and retaliations etched a trail of bloodshed across Delhi, with casualties on both sides.

Infamous Murders and Tihar Jail Conspiracy

The notorious highlight came in 2021 when Tajpuria orchestrated the murder of rival gang leader Jitender Gogi in broad daylight at Rohini Court, executed by his associates posing as lawyers. This chilling incident unfolded under Tajpuria’s remote guidance through live video updates, showcasing his audacious control over the heinous act.

The Fatal End

However, Tajpuria’s reign of terror met a grim conclusion on May 2, 2023, within the confines of Tihar Jail. Rivals led by Yogesh Tunda, a member of the Gogi gang, executed a fatal attack on Tajpuria using an iron grill, marking the end of his tumultuous saga.

Here Some Facts and Figures

  • Crime Statistics in India: India has experienced various forms of criminal activities, including organized crime, gang violence, and illegal possessions. The rates vary across regions and cities, with authorities consistently working to curb criminal activities.
  • Tihar Jail: Located in Delhi, Tihar Jail is one of the largest and most notorious prison complexes in India. Overcrowding and security concerns have been reporte at times.
  • Gang Violence: Gang-related incidents, turf wars, and clashes among criminal factions have historically been prevalent in certain areas, leading to fatalities and arrests. Notorious gangs like those led by Tillu Tajpuria and Jitender Gogi have been involve in high-profile violent activities.
  • Criminal Alliances: Gangsters often form alliances or associations with other criminals to strengthen their networks and power dynamics. Tajpuria was known to have affiliations with notorious figures such as Neeraj Bawana, Naveen Bali, Sunil Rathi, and Cheenu.
  • Legal Actions: Arrests and legal actions against gang members are common occurrences in efforts to dismantle criminal networks. Tajpuria himself faced arrests in connection to murder cases, and his rivalry with Gogi led to multiple retaliatory killings.
  • Murder Incidents: The feud between Tajpuria and Gogi resulted in a series of murders between their respective gangs, culminating in high-profile killings such as the murder of Jitender Gogi at Rohini Court in Delhi and Tajpuria’s demise within Tihar Jail in May 2023.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who was Tillu Tajpuria?

Tillu Tajpuria, also known as Sunil Mann Tajpuria, was an Indian gangster involve in various criminal activities. Including murder, extortion, and gang wars in Delhi.

What led to the rivalry between Tillu Tajpuria and Jitender Gogi?

Their rivalry stemmed from a college election where they supported different candidates for the position of Vice President. This disagreement escalated into a fierce gang war between their factions.

What were some of the notable incidents in the feud between Tillu Tajpuria and Jitender Gogi?

The conflict between their gangs resulted in multiple murders, retaliatory killings, and violent clashes in various locations in Delhi, including Burari.

How was Jitender Gogi killed?

Jitender Gogi was murdered by Tillu Tajpuria associates disguised as lawyers in Rohini Court, Delhi, in September 2021.

What led to Tillu Tajpuria’s death?

Tillu Tajpuria was attacke and killed by rivals belonging to Jitender Gogi’s gang within Tihar Jail on May 2, 2023, allegedly involving Yogesh Tunda and other members of Gogi’s faction.

Final Thoughts

His life was marked by a tragic narrative of violence, gang wars. Relentless pursuit of power within the criminal underworld. His story, entangled with rivalry, betrayal, and a series of retaliatory actions, ultimately led to his demise within the confines of Tihar Jail.

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