Top 7 promotion tips for your upcoming blog posts

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A blog can be a strong tool in your marketing kit. It will show your brand identity, showcase your expertise, and help with your SEO maximization. So, no matter what your industry, you should focus on building the best blog possible. 

When you get around to making a good blog page, and figuring out your content calendar, you need to think about promoting it. If you don’t, then you won’t be able to get the best out of your efforts. Proper blog marketing can get you massive audiences, so here are a few tips to help you. 

Highlight your blog in your emails

Do not ignore your blog in your email campaigns. When you send out your newsletters and campaigns, do add blog newsletters in the mix too. Highlight the top pieces of the month in this newsletter, and link back to your blog. 

Use the publication and blog email templates on PosterMyWall to make attractive designs. These will have all the spaces you need to add article snippets and action buttons. Make sure these email campaigns are cohesive with your overall brand aesthetic. 

Optimize the blog tab on your website

Your blog landing page should not look like an afterthought. Make sure you work on it when you’re building your website. Look up layouts that fit with your ethos and are also appealing. Come up with proper categories and tags for your articles for organization purposes. Arrange these tabs according to your industry and priorities. 

This tab should be fully SEO-compliant, both with content and with technicalities. So, make sure your blog URLs are also SEO-friendly, and do not redirect people. Your blog should also have solid interlinking to make it more navigable. This will encourage people to explore it more. 

Work on your link building

Your link building is one of the most time-consuming yet important aspects for blog marketing. This involves reaching out to third parties, and having them put links to your blog on their pages. You need to do ample research to find relevant websites with decent domain authority for this purpose. 

Also,you need to find these link opportunities through a variety of ways. There are a number of tools out there, but you’ll still have to put in effort to get high-quality links. In return, you’ll probably have to link their websites. Make all your agreements before you actually get started. 

Repurpose your evergreen content

Check what content and blog articles are performing the best. Then, repurpose or spin them into new content. This does not mean that you reword an article and regurgitate it with a new date. Instead, think of new ways to present the information. 

This can be through videos, presentations, infographics, or others. Share this new content across your marketing channels, and make sure you link it back to your blog. This is particularly helpful when it comes to industry insights and tips. Make sure you have the latest information, and update the content in your evergreen articles as well from time to time. 

Promote your blog on social media

Let your social media audiences know about your blog. Once a week or so, share a top article on your social media platforms. Make sure you present it with an appealing featured image and write engaging social media captions. 

Entice your viewers to open up your blog by offering glimpses of the content on your social media. Show them that you have highly valuable information in your blog, so that they click on the links and open your blog page. 

Reach out for guest blogging opportunities

Once you have your link building operations started up, you should also look into guest blogging. Establish yourself as an industry expert, and reach out to relevant websites. Make sure you let them know about your industry expertise and send them a well-worded pitch. 

This will help you get featured on their websites, and get guest posts put up. Of course, they’ll want to write guest posts for your blog in return, so you should only reach out to companies which are high-quality.

Network within relevant circles

Join forums and social media groups related to your industry and niche. These will have a lot of discussions about the various issues and concerns in the field. So, you should use this as an opportunity to drop in links to your blog articles as answers. 

You need to be very smart with this strategy. You can’t just throw links here and there randomly. Make sure your link does have the answer to their question. Also, make the comment look as organic and human as possible. Otherwise, you might even get flagged for spamming. Participate in discussions without dropping links too in order to make your place in these groups. 

In conclusion, there are many ways to promote your upcoming blog posts. These will help you with audience outreach, SEO, link building, and much more.  

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