Top Five DVD Creator Programs to Make DVDs for Free

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Does your computer’s hard disk crash suddenly? Oh no, there were important data files, and you have lost all … it is really bad news for you. 

Those were the days when you had to face such problems. Nowadays, the digital era ensures that your precious videos, memories and other data files are still accessible in any mishap. But how? 

Now, people save or transfer their data files onto a DVD. Many DVD creator programs serve professionally to make DVDs. Some of them are paid, and some are free. But before choosing a DVD burner or Creator, you must ensure that your selected tool supports multiple input and output formats, is easy to use, and offers different authoring tools.

While testing all recommended tips, we have compiled a list of the top five DVD creators to make DVDs for free. So let’s give them a try;

5 Best Free DVD Creator Software to Make DVDs

1. DVDFab DVD Creator

Our first pickup, DVDFab DVD Creator, is for those who need the latest DVD creator for Windows and Mac devices. The program will allow users to make a DVD, ISO image or folder from any video. It offers multiple stylish templates and personalized options to create a personal DVD menu. The software is based on the latest GPU acceleration technology that burns DVDs 50 times faster than other creators. It will also let you simultaneously burn multiple videos with different formats onto a single DVD. The high-quality output can be played on DVD, PS5, Xbox or media player software like PlayerFab.

Key features 

  • DVDFab DVD Creator supports over 200 video formats. 
  • You can also choose from different output formats such as DVD-5, DVD-9, DVD+R/RW, DVD-R DL, and burn your videos to blank discs, DVD folders, or ISO files.
  • The default customizable menu templates help users to make personalized menus. Here, you can customize the background color, style, font and playback buttons. 
  • The software automatically saves the title, cast, and poster from your source DVD. 
  • There is a smooth transition between different audio tracks and subtitle options.
  • This DVD creator can merge multiple videos onto a single DVD
  • GPU acceleration provides 50 times faster burning speed. 

2. Power2Go

Power2Go is another best choice to burn, convert, and back up your data files. This free DVD creator welcomes you with a user-friendly drag-and-drop interface that helps users burn data to audio CDs, video DVDs, and Blu-ray discs quickly and easily. There are different free menu templates and background music collections that will help you edit your DVD menu accordingly. The program will also let you make your desktop files mobile-friendly. 

Key features

  • Power2Go offers advanced authoring, conversion, and backup features for free.
  • It has multiple customization options to enrich your output DVD.
  • The program supports a wide range of file formats. 
  • It will let you backup your Windows system data to a USB or DVD.
  • The smart Intelligent Detect option converts your output files to your desired format. 
  • It will create your DVDs with military-grade 256-bit encryption.

3. CDBurnerXP

CDBurnerXP is the third most recommended program to preserve data and burn DVDs, HD DVDs, and CDs. You can use it to easily create data CDs and DVDs or even burn your data onto permanent backup M-Discs for up to 1000 years of preservation. Additionally, this program allows you to burn MP3 CDs, which is a great way to store multiple audio files on a single disc.

Key Features

  • The program makes bootable discs, burns and creates ISO files. 
  • It also verifies the data after burning the files. 
  • It supports CD-R, CD-RW, DVD±R, DVD±RW, DVD-RAM, DVD+R DL, and BD-R/RE formats. 
  • It has LightScribe integration. 

4. DVDStyler

The addition of DVDStyler to our list is because of its speciality in creating DVD menus for free. It offers hundreds of exciting templates to customize and create menus from scratch. There are vector graphics, text, buttons, images, and more to add to your output DVD. 

Key features

  • It supports AVI, MOV, MP4, WMV, OGG, MPEG, MPEG-2, MPEG-4, DivX, XviD, AC3, MP2 and MP3 video formats.
  • Besides many audio and video formats, the program also supports subtitles.
  • The preview screen will let you see your output details.
  • It offers outstanding customizable menu templates. 
  • You can change the color or scale any graphic object as you want. 

5. BurnAware

We concluded our list by adding a straightforward DVD creator for beginners. BurnAware will let you burn a DVD, CD, Blu-ray disc, double-layer disc, and M-discs in simple steps. Its default presets for different content categories will let you optimize the burning process.

Key features

  • This program can create disc images, spanned backups, and bootable discs.
  • BurnAware will help beginners burn DVDs, CDs, or Blu-rays simply. 
  • It supports CD-R/RW, DVD+/-R, DVD+/-RW, and DVD-RAM disc formats.
  • It boasts low CPU usage.

How to use DVDFab DVD Creator to create your DVD?

Having established the five best free DVD creator software options, let’s dive into a more detailed exploration of one in particular. Known for its versatility and user-friendly interface, DVDFab DVD Creator stands out among its peers. Now, we will walk you through how to use this powerful DVD Maker to create your own DVDs.

Step 1: Open DVDFab and import the video source.

Launch DVDFab 12 and navigate to the Creator> DVD Creator module. Now click the “Add” button on the main page to load your video or drag & drop it.

Launch DVDFab 12 and navigate to the Creator> DVD Creator module. Now click the “Add” button on the main page to load your video or drag & drop it.

Step 2: Personalize your DVD and design a DVD menu.

Once you have loaded your video, select “Advanced Settings” to select your desired output size and quality. There is a “Menu Settings” option to offer you menu customization.

Step 3: Initiate the process of burning DVDs free and fast

To create your DVD, choose the output directory in the “Save to” section and hit the “Start” button. The program will also display the creation process.


All the above-mentioned DVD creators work on all Windows and Mac operating systems. You can confidently use them to keep your data safe and quickly accessible. And if you want to get all DVD tools in one pack, you should go for DVDFab DVD Creator. 

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