Top Gifts for Those with a Summer Birthday

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Summer is well and truly underway, and that means that there may be a number of summer birthdays on the horizon. When the sun’s shining, and it’s warm out, sometimes the last thing on your mind is to be productive. This can mean that those with summer birthdays can be a last-minute thought. As a result, you not only have to purchase the gift, but you need to spend a considerable amount of time thinking about what to get them. If you’re struggling to think of the perfect summer birthday present, be sure to peruse the list below. These are relevant to the time of year and are sure to be appreciated by all manner of recipients. 

A Case of Summery Beers

First up is a case of summery beers with seasonally appropriate beer bottle packaging. As it is, a cold beer is incredibly refreshing, but there are a number of flavors out there to contribute to the summeriness! These flavored beers are even ideal for people who aren’t necessarily beer lovers. Similarly, there are non-alcoholic beers available for your teetotal friends, meaning summery beers are more versatile than you might initially think! For a more unique beer experience, you might opt for an independent brand; this way, the recipient can try something new, and you’re helping a small business owner. 

A Sequin Photo Throw Pillow

Perhaps your recipient is a fan of interior decoration; if so, a sequin photo throw pillow would be perfect. These throw pillows work like magic; push them one way to have a block color pillow and move them the other way to reveal a photo. This displays a lot of thought and consideration for the recipient, as they’ll have a personalized gift that reflects their interests. These pillows are available in all manner of colors, meaning you can select the one that best reflects the interior of their home. You might even choose a photo that reflects a memory you have with them to make it even more special. 

An Inflatable Lounge Chair 

When the summer sun is shining, you naturally want to spend your time outside. Despite this, this can be quite difficult to achieve comfortably in the absence of outdoor seating. That’s where an inflatable lounge chair comes in. The beauty of an inflatable lounge chair is that it provides comfortable seating for hot days, but it can also be deflated to store. As a result, even if your recipient only has a small garden, an inflatable lounge chair can be a worthy addition due to its ability to deflate. They also tend to come in funky colors, which only adds to the summertime feeling. 

A Wicker Bag

Wicker bags came back into fashion a few years ago, and they’re the epitome of summer fashion. They come in all shapes and sizes, with round wicker bags being among the most fashion forward. What’s more, the neutral color of traditional wicker means that it goes with almost any summer ‘fit. This is ideal for the fashion-forward individual who loves a day at the beach!

A Pair of Sunglasses

Last but not least is a pair of sunglasses. When the summer sun is shining, you can’t be without a trusty pair of sunnies! They protect your eyes, and they stop you from squinting (which can also help prevent wrinkles from forming). What’s more, they’re a fashion staple. Just be sure to take your recipient’s face shape into consideration, as different sunglasses will look different on different people. Consider what they already wear and use this as a guide for your purchase.

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