Top Tips To Become a Cryptocurrency Trader

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Many people work and live trading assets in the financial markets whether it is the US stock market or being a trader of bitcoin or any other currency.

Being a cryptocurrency trader is an arduous and difficult job, even more difficult than any other common job. The pressure, the analysis and the calmness that must be brought to trade an asset with so much volatility is not a job for just anyone.

For this reason, here are the best tips to become a bitcoin era or cryptocurrency. Interested? Keep on reading.

Top 5 tips to become a cryptocurrency trader

Next, we will tell you the 5 best tips to become a cryptocurrency trader, very useful if you are starting to operate in this new financial market.


In any aspect of a successful person’s daily life there is discipline and in trading, it is the same.

We must formulate and plan our strategy before executing it and putting it into action. A financial market as volatile as cryptocurrencies can make us change our objectives from one day to the next.

For this reason, it is essential to have a goal and a strategy to achieve it in order not to lose focus and continue with the same discipline until we achieve it. 

A clear example is the following. If we set a goal not to lose more than 5% of our capital in a trade, we must place the STOP LOSS before 5% to meet our goal. 

If we forget and the market goes down even more, we will be failing in our strategy and objective. Having everything clear from the beginning will make you the best.


Responsibility is another aspect to control, we must be mature and responsible with our capital.

We know the risk of the market and a clear example of irresponsibility is to leverage in the crypto market more than we should. 

If we usually leverage by 2 or 3, leveraging by 10 would be totally irresponsible because with a 10% drop in the market, we will lose all our capital.

Our advice is to be aware of your facts, with a clear and focused mind.


Patience in the financial markets is key. If you are new in this world, the first operations may not work out the way you want. This is normal.

You must be calm and know that, in the long run, you will learn from your mistakes and improve until you become a professional. Nobody is born knowing what to do and with mistakes, you learn even more.

Trading is a method that you learn with trial and error, and in the long run it pays off or, in this case, profits.

Managing emotions

Emotions can play against or for us in the financial market. You may not know it, but great cryptocurrency traders study and learn to control their emotions.

A clear example of controlling emotions is the greed to have more. If one day you have even earned more than $1,000 on a trade, greed can drive you to earn more and this is where 99% of people go wrong and lose all the profit made by wanting more.

One of the great ways to manage your emotions in trading is to read your roadmap or planning according to your goals. If you have set a goal to reach $500 a day with your buy and sell trades, once you have reached that daily target you should pull back and continue the next day.

Establish loss limits

Last but not least, setting daily, biweekly or monthly stop losses can help you track and control your capital.

It is essential to set both profit and loss limits. As in everyday life, one day you can do very well and another day you can do very poorly regardless of whether you do the best analysis in the world. Financial markets fluctuate constantly, especially the crypto market. Therefore, you must control your losses and know when to pull back.

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