A Guide on When to Buy or Rent Temporary Buildings

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Temporary buildings are widely used today since they are essential in many spheres of the economy. Emerging providers that allow people and businesses the choice to buy or rent have sparked a debate that needs to be resolved right away. Is it wisest to own or lease temporary structures? In this article, we will examine the elements you ought to consider while deciding which one is best for you.

Factors That Affect When to Purchase or Rent Temporary Buildings

Considerations must be made in order to determine whether purchasing or renting temporary structures from reliable providers like Smart-Space is the smartest move. Here are the most important factors.

Length of usage

The length of time you plan to utilize a temporary building is the first thing to take into account when determining whether to buy or rent one. Building regulations provide that, unless otherwise specified, temporary structures intended to be used for 28 days or less do not require planning authorization. It will be wise to rent if you plan to use a temporary structure for fewer than 28 days. However, if you want to use it for longer than 28 days, you must request a planning license. It is prudent to purchase in this situation. This is due to the fact that it would be smarter to buy instead of rent when comparing the daily rental rates multiplied by the number of days to be used versus the cost of buying divided over the same longer period.

Use frequency of temporary buildings

The frequency of use must be taken into account as well while choosing between renting and purchasing temporary buildings. How often do you employ temporary structures? Your ability to appropriately respond to this question will help you make an informed choice. Renting one makes sense, for instance, if you only plan to use it once and will not need it again. However, it is recommended to buy if you have a need to utilize it on a regular basis. All you have to do is take it apart after each use and store it carefully. You can pull it out and assemble it for use when the necessity arises once more.


When selecting whether to purchase or rent a temporary structure, cost must come first. The initial cost of renting one is less than the initial cost of purchasing one. The determining element should be your wallet at the time of purchase. You are free to pursue purchasing one if you have the financial means to pay for it. But it is wise to rent if you have other pressing expenses. Be careful to factor in maintenance fees, installation costs, and any ancillary expenditures when determining your budget for purchases.

Customization requirements

Based on the possibilities for customization, temporary buildings vary. The customization possibilities that come with a purchased one and those that come with a leased one differ greatly. Temporary buildings that are purchased are constructed based on the specifications offered by the buyer and are specifically designed to fulfill their demands. The structure of a rented one, however, frequently comes pre-configured, so minimal customizations are allowed. You can lease one if the predesigned options suit your needs. But if these do not fit your needs, buying can be a good alternative. You now have the chance to explore all the customization options you want before deciding.

Maintenance expenses

When deciding whether to purchase or rent temporary buildings, one must consider their maintenance. You will need to perform minor upkeep on every temporary building. This will guarantee their robustness and usefulness. When you rent one, the rental agreement includes the cost of maintenance. However, if you purchase, you are responsible for paying the maintenance costs.


This article has examined the elements to be evaluated when determining whether to buy or rent temporary buildings. These include maintenance costs, modification needs, spending limits, usage frequency, and usage time. Making an educated selection is assured if you properly investigate these factors.

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